We have a large range of inspirational fabrics in an immense range of colours & designs ensuring we have something to match your home. Full length drapes or curtains can offer your interior a luxurious feel and we can co-ordinate your pillows and bedspreads to match.


Outdoor Blinds & Awnings...

Awnings are an effective and attractive way to shade your home. There are several different types of awnings that you can choose from. Proficient Curtains and Blinds can help you choose the perfect awnings for your home, which will give you shade and privacy in your home.

Folding arm awnings, fixed glide blinds, verandah awnings, straight drop blinds, E-zip blinds (manual or automatic operation), s-fold sheers.

Awnings are mounted outside the home above a window, door or even patio area. 

Their purpose is to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters the home thereby making the home more comfortable and reducing the risk of furniture and curtains fading. Awnings can be horizontal or vertical in shape, retractable or fixed, and can be either see-through or fully opaque, depending on the situation. 

Because awnings are situated outside, the fabric that they are made from needs to stand up to different weather conditions, from full sun to rain. The fabric used in awnings comes in a range of patterns and colours and often comes treated to help prevent mildew and rotting. We will let you know if the fabric you have chosen has these benefits.

Retractable awnings have one side fixed to the wall and can be extended or retracted when needed using a manual or electronically operated control. Fixed awnings have one side affixed to the wall with the other sides permanently supported by a metal framework.

When it comes to chosing the correct awning for your home let us help you out, talk with our friendly staff today.

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